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Published: February 17th, 2019

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ActiveOps - WorkiQ



WorkiQ is the industry leading workforce intelligence platform to understand how work is actually done.

Real-time workforce data intelligence and visibility

WorkiQ captures time spent per application – discovering what’s actually happening – so you can manage work with the greatest accuracy and collaborate with your team members to increase work efficiency and utilization. User activity is collected directly from each monitored desktop (whether the user is a human or a robot), via a Citrix® server, or mainframe.
WorkiQ’s dynamic, real-time dashboards – which even non-technical users can customize to show the most relevant analytics to give you invaluable operational intelligence into the work each employee does, how long it takes, and the outcomes of each employee’s effort.
Deploying WorkiQ spares employees the additional work drain of self-reporting, which can be seriously inaccurate.



Back offices using WorkiQ have new insights to assist in understanding how work is being done. This helps organizations understand proper staffing, provides real-time data for coaching and adjustments and provides critical insights into the applications being used to process work. Before you can automate what people do, you first must know what they do. That is why WorkiQ is a key component in your path to automation success.


Studio 2018.4.1


WorkiQ is a stand-alone solution that ships with an embedded database and all components to get started. All you need is a server or to easily deploy by BYOL in Microsoft Azure.