Workflow Translator

Custom Activity

Custom Activity

Updated: September 4th, 2020

Published: January 1st, 2020

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Language compatibility: Visual Basic

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Workflow Translator

Custom Activity


An activity that translates and translates workflow annotations etc. into the language of the specified country.

The activity display name, annotations, and comments The activity description is translated into the language of the specified country.

* Translation is a machine translation using the LanguageApp class of Google Apps Script. The parts that cannot be translated correctly remain in the original language. (In the current version, if the character string contains "#", "&", "", etc.)
* An Internet connection is required for this activity to work.
* A translation application needs to be built with Google Apps Script. See the resource documentation for construction instructions.
In addition, you can try with a free Google account, but Google Apps Script has usage restrictions. Please check Google Terms of Service for details.

<Activity name>
・ TranslateWorkflowFile
    Translates and converts the specified Xaml file.
・ TranslateProject
    By specifying the project folder, all Xaml files including subdirectories are translated and converted.

* The property setting value for specifying the language is set to "en" (English) ⇒ "ja" (Japanese) by default. To specify a language in another country, refer to the code at the URL below.



Take advantage of non-native language workflows.


・UiPath.Studio 19.4.0


・Google Apps Script
・UiPath.Web.Activities 1.4.4


- WorkflowTranslator_Manual_EN_.pdf
- WorkflowTranslator_Manual_JP_.pdf
- WorkflowTranslator_Setup_EN_.pdf
- WorkflowTranslator_Setup_JP_.pdf


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