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Paramatrix - Windows Event Extraction Bot

Custom Activity

Custom Activity

Updated: August 20th, 2020

Published: June 6th, 2020

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Language compatibility: Visual Basic

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Paramatrix - Windows Event Extraction Bot

Custom Activity


This activity is developed to identify different types of Windows log events recorded in the system from the past.

This bot is developed to help the user find out troubleshooting Windows and application errors.
Different types of "Event level" are Information, Error, Alert and "Log types". System, Security, Application can be easily recorded and stored in a file.
With the help of these, users can easily diagnose problems and predict future issues of any applications.

To use the activity:

1. Enter "Level" and "Log" name in the workflow itself
2. Run the Bot
3. View generated log file in Output folder which consists of list of all recorded event type and log type in details



1. Identify list of applications which are running with or without issues.
2. Maintain a set of event log that the system component is used to record.
3. All event types i.e Information, Error and Alert can be easily recorded and stored.


UiPath Studio 2019.10.4


No special dependencies


- ParamatrixTechnology.WindowsEventExtraction-Readme.pdf


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