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Vuram W4 Form Extractor

Custom Activity

Custom Activity

Updated: December 1st, 2020

Published: October 7th, 2020

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Industry: cross-industry

Language compatibility: Visual Basic

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Vuram W4 Form Extractor

Custom Activity


Vuram W4 Form Extractor helps extract the possible fields from W4 Forms and gives the output as Data table

The Vuram W4 Form Extractor component can be used to process and extract the field information as a Data table from the W4 Forms and the extracted values can be exported to a CSV or Excel file or manipulated as per the user’s choice.



This activity is helpful in extracting the fields from W4 form and can be used further in automating any repetitive tasks.


Tested in UiPath 2020.4.3


DataManipulation.Activities [1.0.6,)
UiPath.DocumentUnderstanding.ML.Activities [1.4.1-preview, )
UiPath.Excel.Activities [2.8.6, )
UiPath.IntelligentOCR.Activities [4.9.0-preview, )
UiPath.Mail.Activities [1.8.6, )
UiPath.OmniPage.Activities [1.6.1-preview, )
UiPath.System.Activities [20.4.0, )
UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities [20.4.2, )
CsvHelper [15.0.6, )


- taxonomy.readme
- Sample W4 form.pdf
- Vuram W4 Form Extractor Component.pdf


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