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VAT Validation Activities

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Custom Activity

Updated: September 11th, 2020

Published: July 20th, 2020

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Language compatibility: Visual Basic


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VAT Validation Activities

Custom Activity


Two activities to validate EU VAT registration number (you can check if vendor/customer is VAT registered) and its format

This package contains two activities:

1. VAT Format Validator - offline activity. Every country has well-known VAT number format/syntax. This activity uses these rules to check if the provided VAT number format is correct. It tells only if the format is correct, not if such VAT exists in the real world!
Works mainly for EU countries, full list below:
a. AT
b. BE
c. BG
d. CY
e. CZ
f. DE
g. DK
h. EE
i. EL, GR (Greece)
j. ES
k. FI
l. FR
m. GB
n. HU
o. IE
p. IT
q. LT
r. LU
s. LV
t. MT
u. NL
v. PL
w. PT
x. RO
y. SE
z. SI
aa. SK

2. VIES VAT Checker - online activity so connection with internet is needed. This activity uses European Commission VAT validator (VIES - to validate if such VAT number is registered. Works only for EU countries (+GB so far).



You can easily and quickly validate VAT number (online) to check if vendor/customer is VAT registered or the VAT number format (offline).


Tested with UiPath 2020.6.0


No dependencies.


- UiPath VAT Activities Manual.pdf


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