AOK Systems - UnRAR

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Custom Activity

Updated: August 23rd, 2020

Published: January 12th, 2020

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Industry: Utilities

Language compatibility: Visual Basic

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AOK Systems - UnRAR

Custom Activity


Manage RAR compressed archives with UiPath

RAR is a powerful archive file format. It supports very interesting features like very good data compression, error recovery and multi part archives.

This UnRAR Custom Activity offers the possibility to use RAR compressed files with UiPath Studio.

This activity supports different kinds of perspectives with a RAR archive. You can get a list of all files in a RAR archive, e.g. to detect a specific file where you are searching for. It is possible to test the integrity of a RAR archive, to be sure that the archive is not damaged. You can get optional text information, additional archive comments. And last but not least you can extract the whole archive, a group of files or one file to a destination directory of your choice. Password-protected archives are supported.

This activity supports all RAR versions, the older version RAR4 and the current version RAR5. RAR5 supports features like AES256 encryption, more powerful recovery functions, for a more damage resident archive and an improved file table, for quicker browsing and handling of an archive. And for a faster processing it supports multicore decompression.

Extract Files
Extracts all files, a specific file or a group of files from an RAR archive to the destination directory.

Get Comment
Delivers the comment from an RAR archive.

List Files
Delivers a list of all files in an RAR archive.

Test Files
Tests all files or a specific file from an RAR archive.



Handling of RAR compressed archives. The component contains the current version of unrar.dll, so you can use all RAR archive versions.


UiPath Studio 2020.6.0




- UnRAR.Activities.1.0.4.pdf


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