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Two-Factor Authentication Activities

Custom Activity

Custom Activity

Updated: October 20th, 2020

Published: October 2nd, 2018

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Industry: cross-industry

Language compatibility: Visual Basic

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Two-Factor Authentication Activities

Custom Activity


Custom activities that can generate the token for a two-factor authentication system, based on the Secret Key generated when you enroll a device in the program.

The solution contains 3 activities Get Google Token, Get Microsoft Token, Get Okta Token and offers an easy way to manage soft token codes for major Two-Factor Authentication providers: Google, Microsoft, Okta.
NOTE: Installation Guidelines for Custom Activities can be found here



An algorithm based on the secret key and time passed since epoch (01.01.1970) generates a new code every fixed period of time, in our cases it's 30 seconds for all systems (Google, Microsoft and Okta) as the same algorithm is used to generate the token for all.
That means that in very rare cases the token you generate with the activities might expire just before you submit it.




BouncyCastle (>= 1.8.5)


- How To Generate Secret Key.docx


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