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Custom Activity

Custom Activity

Updated: October 19th, 2020

Published: May 27th, 2019

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Task Scheduler

Custom Activity


Scheduling of tasks, scripts and UiPath Robots using Windows Task Scheduler feature.

The package contains a set of activities that allows to register, interogate and delete tasks from Windows Task Scheduler.
It also simplifies the scheduling of UiPath Robots (including arguments).
There are three types of activities contained by the package:
To register tasks
Task Scheduler Scope- in order to register a task, a Task Scheduler Scope is required. The task will be registered in Windows in the Task Scheduler Local Library under the UiPath folder according to the name defined in Properties tab. The task should be configured by adding at least one action and one trigger activity as described in the below items
Actions Activities - are used to add actions to tasks. There are two actions activities defined
Generic Action - activity to add a generic program/script to the task
UiPath Robot Scheduling - activity that facilitates the scheduling of an UiPath Robot. Robot Arguments parameter should be used to transfer arguments to the scheduled robot.
Triggers Activities - are used to configure different scheduling times for a task
Daily Trigger - Schedule a task to run daily
Logon Trigger - Schedule a task to run at user login
Monthly (Days of Week Trigger) - Schedule a task to run monthly. It offers the possibility to choose the day of the week
Monthly Trigger - Schedule a task to run monthly
On System Start Trigger - Schedule a task to run at machine start
One Time Absolute Trigger - Schedule a task to run exactly once.
One Time Relative Trigger - Schedule a task to run once at a time relative to task registration
Repetitive Trigger - Schedule a task to run periodically.
Weekly Trigger -
To interogate a task:
Get Task - used to get a task from Window Task Scheduler Library (by name). Attention, if one creates a task using current package, the task will reside in the 'UiPath' folder, therefore this aspect should be considered if Get Task activity is used on said task
To delete a task - by name, used to delete a task by name from Window Task Scheduler Library
Team: Emanuel Dogaru, Lavinia Nastase



Allows to easily register/delete tasks in Windows Task Scheduler, directly from UiPath. Especially useful for robots that are not connected to Orchestrator.




Newtonsoft.Json 12.0.2
TaskScheduler 2.8.10


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