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Updated: October 15th, 2020

Published: August 26th, 2020

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Standing Desk Bot



Do you love your standing desk and want to know the value you're getting out of it? This bot tracks your standing times, estimates calorie burn, and determines the time period you stood the most.

Since standing desks come in all shapes and forms, and many aren't even electronically connected and user just lifts the desk or converter manually, tracking standing times using a bot does not seem feasible at first glance. This bot solves the problem by having the user simply send a blank email to oneself with subject line "up" whenever they stand up and email "sit" whenever they sit down. The bot can then be scheduled to run at the end of each day unattended (or on demand as an attended bot); it'll scrape user's emails to tally up the standing times and stats, and emails a brief report to user.

The report will include info on:
1. How much time you spent standing in your working day
2. Calories you burned by standing instead of sitting
3. Which time period during the day you stood the longest

Note that "sit" and "up" are used because they are the shortest words that serve the purpose, with only 2-3 letters long. Alternatively, user can also email "down" and "stand" which are also words that the bot recognizes.

For the estimated calorie burn calculation, it's calculated based on estimated adult averages provided here:

Please check out the "Instruction Manual - READ ME" with details on how to use this bot.



Ability to track standing times, provide calorie burn estimates, and determine longest standing period of the day.


Compatible with Microsoft Outlook and any standing desk.


User needs to use Microsoft Outlook email account and have Outlook opened during the bot's execution.


- Instruction Manual - READ ME.docx


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