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S.N.A.K India - Outbound Calling Using UiPath



Published: October 29th, 2019

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S.N.A.K India - Outbound Calling Using UiPath



Outbound call process to collect user feedback and improvise agent efficiency



1.	Saves the time and effort of Customer service agents in collecting and storing the feedback in the database or any other service system like CRM.
2.	Customer service agents can make better use of their time in analyzing the feedback and counting out ways to improve the services for any product and upgrading customer's experience. 
3.	This automatic solution works as a Contact center IVR solution wherein a user can provide his/her feedback for any particular services by selecting the service type feedback.
4.	Timely specific outbound call. Example: If any company wants to take customer's feedback between 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM then they can schedule the attended robot to make phone calls during this time. The robot will start making non-stop calls in between that time. This will help companies to increase their productivity to collect customer’s feedback in place of agent efficiency in placing the call.
5.	This process is designed to place calls across all time zones countries ceaselessly and shifts from one-time zone to other as per configuration settings.


1.	Windows 8, 10 platform
2.	UiPath.Core.Activities 18 and above
3.	Latest internet browser support for voice to text solution
4.	Dialer compatibility with Android, iOS-based phone including landlines phone


1.	UiPath Studio with the latest version
2.	UiPath Attended Robot - UiPath.Core.Activities 18 and above
3.	Voice to text solution
4.	Call Dialer to connect with the phone system