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SimpliGov - Connector for UiPath


SimpliGov - Connector for UiPath



Boost your RPA implementation on SimpliGov with native activities in the public sector, powered by the SimpliGov Platform External REST API



Using this activity can help streamline repetitive, governmental activities by automating a commonly requested process.
Reduce process execution time from minutes to few seconds.
Build automations that are independent of user interface and layout changes in SimpliGov
Reduce learning time with consistent user experience across activities for different public sector applications.
The background automation is extremely fast, and the automation is safe because it’s totally independent from your web browsers and the SimpliGov layout.
Interactions between people and the software is greatly reduced, leading to a reduction in the number of errors.


UiPath Studio >=2017.1 
SimpliGov version  


SimpliGov REST API enabled.  
UiPath Platform APIs