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Paramatrix - Service Check and Remediation Bot



Published: June 16th, 2020

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Language compatibility: Visual Basic

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Paramatrix - Service Check and Remediation Bot



This Bot is developed to automate Windows services which are not running or configured to launch

Windows services are a special type of application that is configured to launch and run in the background, in some cases even before the user is logged in.

Services are designed to run continuously in background and perform the system task like backing up your computer.

Unlike regular application, which can be simply launched and run under user account, a service must be installed and registered with Windows, which requires an administrator account.

The user can manage the services that are running on computer by simply entering WIN+R or search "Services".

The list of services will be displayed to the user, whether the application is running or not, and other information like name, description and startup type of service.

a. Enter the name of the services in the input file which the user wishes to start. b. Run the bot to start the services. c. The Bot updates the respective services which are not running or are stopped.



1. Quick and faster updating of services which are not running
2. Easy to update multiple services which are disabled
3. Reduce manual intervention and run silently in the background
4. Detailed report is generated to check the status of each service


UiPath Studio 2019.10.4


Excel must be installed in the system


- User_Guide_Service_Check_and_Remediation.pdf


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