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Updated: September 30th, 2020

Published: December 16th, 2019

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TeemStone - RPA Viewer



We introduce a very unique integrated dashboard for UiPath users and administrators through realtime dashboard, data analysis, streaming

Dashboard that improves business efficiency, system resource usage and Robot automation through system resource API; real-time streaming and robot log analytics.

The dashboard consists of independent execution modules based on the Client/Server architecture to comply with corporate security policies; dedicated agents for robot log analysis and system monitoring; data management manager and dedicated viewer for real-time streaming.

# RPAViewer offers 4 key capabilities for UiPath users:

1. Daily Dashboard.
  • Robot status, operation status and Machine performance
  • Queue process status, transaction history, and item process status
  • Job status, Job statistics and analysis
  • Real-time Orchestrator and Machine alert
2. Job log lookup functionality throughout “Job Viewer”
  • Query detailed log information or execution history for Robot, queue, and process
  • Audit logs and alert event history check for Orchestrator
  • Robot configuration file inspection
3. Real-time streaming monitoring
  • You can view the desktop screen of the machines where the Robots are installed in real time through streaming service
4. License View.
  • You can view the license History ( Host Tenant )



The RPA Viewer does away with what was a cumbersome, difficult and complicated process requiring multiple clicks to get a single piece of information and provides varied relevant views of the required information in a very straightforward way.

 Benefits as below: 
- Most RPA information can be viewed at once.
- Shows “Robot Machine performance and events” while Robots are running or not in machines.
- You can check the robot operation rate.
- You can check the job success rate.


Tested with UiPath Orchestrator 2018. 4
Tested with UiPath Orchestrator 2019. 4
Tested with UiPath Orchestrator 2019.10
Tested with UiPath Orchestrator 2020.4


-     UiPath Orchestrator RestfulAPI
-     .Net Framework version higher than 4.6.1 ( for Streaming function ) & Firewall Opened.
-     PostgresSQL DB & Windows Server needed ( for Manager Program and repository )
-     In order to collect Robot Logs, "web.config" of Orchestrator must be modified.
-     Service ports should be opened


- Teemstone_RPAViewer_V2.pdf