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Robonomics AI Onboarding Platform


Robonomics AI Onboarding Platform



Automated provisioning and deprovisioning of accounts in any system using RPA



The key benefits for this solution are:
1) Keeps your data and systems secure from unauthorised access of employees who are no longer with the organisation.
2) Organisations in certain industries like Healthcare, Banking, Finance and Financial Services have significant regulatory demands to keep customer data secure. This solutions helps you avoid penalties and brand damage that you might be exposed to due to confidential data breaches.
3) Enhances employee experience when they join the organisation. The employee has all the system access they need to get productive quickly.
4) Eliminates the license fees and IT asset cost attributed to employees who are no longer with the organisation.
5) Enhances the job for the IT Support / Helpdesk team, as their mundane task is taken over by a Robot. They can focus on delivering better customer service in the time now freed up.
6) Reduces the cost of re-work and emergency fire-fighting when breaches and lapses are discovered.


The solution is built using the UiPath v2018.4.4 (February 2019 release)


The solution has no dependencies.
However, your systems that the solution enables on-boarding and off-boarding on might have dependencies.