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Reply - Get UiElement Info Activities

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Reply - Get UiElement Info Activities

Custom Activity


This custom library offers activities in order to retrieve the available attribute values and selector tags for a particular UiPath.Core.UiElement Object.

The manually analysis of an UiPath.Core.UiElement and sharing the results can lead to a lot of manual steps. In a few scenarios the analysis is needed very fast, but cannot be done directly. The supporting tools cannot be installed or the required practice and skills are not available. For such a scenario this custom library supports on this task. It retrieves the selector tags and available attributes and returns it in different formats.


Get UiElement Info
  • The inspected UiElement Selector tags and attribute values are retrieved
  • Returns: Dictionary<String, String>, DataTable (Columns: Key, Value), List<String> (Text Pattern: Key:Value)
  • No Logging for confidence reasons
Batch Get UiElement Info
  • In a Batch mode the 1 or more UiElements can be indicated on screen and selector tags and attribute values are retrieved
  • Returns: datatable (Columns: BatchID, Key, Value)
  • Logging: Optional



* Inspection and attributes value / selector tags retrieval without manually copy and paste tasks 

* Executable on Environments on which the needed development tools cannot be installed

* No technical skills are required as the information is collected by only click on element activity


UiPath Studio 2019.10.X
UiPath Studio 2020.X.X




- Reply_GetUiElementInfo_Documentation.pdf


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