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The Silicon Partners - Regex Split PDF



Updated: October 23rd, 2020

Published: July 1st, 2020

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Industry: cross-industry

Language compatibility: Visual Basic

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The Silicon Partners - Regex Split PDF



Builds upon the basic functionality of UiPath’s PDF splitter tool using a regex pattern to determine page splits

This workflow takes a user defined regex expression as well as a file path of the PDF to be worked on. The workflow searches each page of the given PDF file. If a match is found, the PDF document is split with the first page containing the found match. This process continues through the PDF document until it reaches the last page. The user can also opt to delete the original file after splitting.

The output of this program if the regex pattern is found will be one or more PDF files in the specified output path (or in the original path if no output is specified). The files when split will be named as follows: YourFileName_1.pdf, YourFileName_2.pdf exc. for all splits located in the PDF.



- Pre-built system for splitting PDF files. Instead of using page ranges, uses a regex expression to split files.

- Lots of flexibility

Can delete original file after split

Accepts pdf passwords if needed

Allows user to rename and move the split files


Built on UiPath Studio 2020.4.1


UiPath.PDF.Actvities v3.2.2
UiPath.System.Activities v20.4.0
UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities v20.4.1


- README_Regex_Split_PDF.pdf


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