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ReFramework for Tabular Data

Workflow Template

ReFramework for Tabular Data

Workflow Template


Robotic Enterprise Framework configured and optimized to get the input data from a tabular data source, such as an Excel or CSV file.

This template can be used as a starting point for automating processes where the input data comes from an Excel file or other tabular data.
The project was created starting from the standard Robotic Enterprise Framework, available in UiPath Studio starting with version 2018.1. Several changes were made:
  • TransactionItem variable type changed to DataRow, instead of QueueItem.
  • Input data is read in the Init state and kept in memory in the TransactionData variable.
  • GetTransactionData workflow was changed accordingly to get a DataRow from input data based in Transaction Number.
  • A status file is created in the Init state and updated after each transaction, in SetTransactionStatus workflow.
  • Added new parameters in the Config file:
  • InputFilePath - can be either a CSV file (.csv file extension) or an Excel file (any supported extension)
  • InputFileSheetName (used only for Excel input files)
  • InputFileEncoding (used only if input file is in CSV format)
  • StatusFilePath
  • StatusFileFormat - currently only two formats are supported: Excel (default) or CSV
  • StatusFileExcludeColumns - allows you to omit specific columns from the Status file.



Already configured for processes where the input data is taken from an Excel or CSV file.
Same structure as the Robotic Enterprise Framework template included in UiPath Studio.
Status file is created and linked with the input data.


Developed in UiPath Studio 2018.3.2.


UiPath.System.Activities >= 18.3.6897.22524
UiPath.Excel.Activities >= 2.4.6884.25683
UiPath.Credentials.Activities >= 1.1.6479.13204
Optional (can be removed if not used):
UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities >= 18.3.6897.22543
UiPath.Mail.Activities >= 1.2.6863.29868


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