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Updated: September 21st, 2020

Published: July 9th, 2019

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rapidMATION Intelligent Chatbot



Leverage the solution that combines Microsoft, K2, and UiPath’s best-of-breed technologies to provide new ways to interact directly with users, important data and key services.



Get the most out of your Intelligent Chatbot 
Knowledge Base 
A knowledge chatbot can be designed to provide information about virtually any topic. 
Its basic objective is always the same: find and return the information that the user has requested. 

Handoff to Human 
Regardless of how much AI a chatbot possesses, there may still be times when it needs to hand off the conversation to a human being.  
The chatbot should recognize when it needs to hand off and provide the user with a clear, smooth transition. 

Artificial Intelligence 
Add intelligence to the chatbot that ranges from understanding natural language, answering questions, hearing commands, performing translations or even performing searches across defined domains or on the web. 
Most importantly use AI to ensure that the chatbot continuously improves. 

Custom Skills 
Use the K2 skill to assign tasks to humans and get the right task, to the right person at the right time or use the UiPath skill to automate mundane, repetitive tasks straight from the chatbot using natural language.  


Compatible with previous and current UiPath product versions


Microsoft Bot Framework