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QualityKiosk - QA Bot Solution



Quality Assurance Robotic Solution, a script-less / code-less approach to UI-based Test Automation



QK-RTA is simple, scriptless, swift, seamless, scalable, smart and switchable.
Scriptless - Ease of maintenance: no reliance on brittle, high-maintenance scripts and technical specialists; high ease of use for business users and non-technical users
Swift - Short time-to-market: from months or weeks with manual testing or traditional automation to days or hours with Robotic Test Automation
Seamless - Integration: with leading industry Test management and tracking tools
Scalable - Extendibility: from small software components to diverse enterprise applications
Smart - Improved quality: minimization of defect leakage, improved coverage, minimization of manual effort, self-healing, auto-adapt to changes in application
Switchable - Fungibility: can use the Testing workflows in Production and vice-versa.


UiPath product versions: 2017.1 and higher


Test Environment
Access to AUT (application under test)
Test data availability
Microsoft Excel