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Roboyo - Petze – the RPA Quality Code Reviewer



Updated: October 22nd, 2020

Published: May 23rd, 2019

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Roboyo - Petze – the RPA Quality Code Reviewer



Petze is a revolutionary RPA code reviewer that will help and guide you in all your RPA implementations.



Faster Development & Scaling
Continuously check your RPA code to get immediate feedback on issues during development and accelerate code reviews.
Consistently high quality
Petze enforces best practices and standards e.g. UiPath ReFramework across the entire enterprise.
More Security & Compliance
Petze checks for IT security & compliance rules enterprise wide and provides you and your compliance / audit teams more transparency.
100% precise, always
Petze has got you covered with consistent and precise checks in an automated and centrally controlled fashion.


Petze is successfully tested with all UiPath Versions up to 2019.5
Roboyo support all UiPath LTS Releases and does compatibility checks to all UiPath FTS Releases.


To start with Petze, nothing more than a Browser is needed. Just Drag & Drop your UiPath Project to the Petze Web App and get your quality check!