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Packing Slip PDF/Scan to Spreadsheet/API

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Updated: October 9th, 2020

Published: April 22nd, 2020

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Industry: transportation-and-warehousing

Packing Slip PDF/Scan to Spreadsheet/API

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Capture packing slips, validate, and reconcile errors to reduce labor, loss and delays using UiPath integration. Photon boosts margins for hundreds of eCommerce & logistics enterprises.

Capture packing slips, line items, prices, and dates with human-level accuracy to speed up your intake 3x using UiPath + Photon.

Extract and centralize critical PDFs, scans, and invoices into an analytics dashboard. Photon's API drops in to UiPath and email to bring human-level accuracy to even the most complex trade documents to avoid mis-ships, stock-outs, and late shipments. The UiPath bot then outputs not only barcodes, but also text and data extracted through a reconciliation process for accounts payable.

UiPath acts as a bridge between email sending and receiving of packing slips and invoices, and your WMS, ERP, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, Oracle or Quickbooks system.

Automatically digitize and reconcile packing slips and invoices for warehouse receiving and inventory inspections. Stop over paying your invoices.

Photon serves Xerox, Microsoft, NVIDIA and a hundred other supply chain businesse and is backed by Village Global and Jeff Bezos.



Reduce labor, loss, errors and delays.

Improve cycle times, inventory turnover, speed and operational efficiency.

Expand warehousing capacity.

Reduce mis-ships, stock-outs, shrinkage, refunds, chargebacks and returns.

Decrease unhappiness from both customers and suppliers.

Modernize your operations to be resilient to even supply chain crises.

Improve customer success.

Win back margin.


Compatible with any PDFs, images, scans, packing slips, invoices, POs, bills of lading, proof of deliveries, rate confirmations, WMS, ERP, Quickbooks, EDI, and API


Documentation on Photon's API, integrated with UiPath: