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Activities package for Microsoft Outlook

Custom Activity

Custom Activity

Updated: November 25th, 2020

Published: October 2nd, 2018

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Language compatibility: Visual Basic

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Activities package for Microsoft Outlook

Custom Activity

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1.      The send mail activity starts from your active outlook client and create an email (mailItem). This is similar to the standard 'send outlook mail message'. I added the feature of adding a collection of attachments to the mail as well as the possibility to send from a shared mailbox (like a company helpdesk account [link]( I know you can also do this using the smtp component, but in a lot of companies the business users are not allowed to send directly using the smtp server due to security policies. /li>
2.      The split replied unreplied mails activity starts from a mail folder from which you want a list of mails that are replied yet and the once that still waits on a reply. You can prefilter using a time parameter that allows you to give the receiver some time before you expect a reply.


It was tested on MSoutlook (2010;2013;2016)




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