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Updated: October 30th, 2020

Published: March 19th, 2020

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Orchestrator Manager



A tool to help Orchestrator administrators to perform bulk operations on entities like Assets, Environments, Machines, Processes, Users, Robots, Organization Units, Folders, Queues and Packages.

As RPA implementations scales, there are situations that require the manipulation of a large number of Orchestrator entities. Although Orchestrator’s web interface provides a user-friendly way to see, create, edit and delete such entities, it can become a limiting factor if many operations need to be done in a short amount of time.

Orchestrator Manager is a tool that leverages Orchestrator’s API to manipulate entities (Assets, Environments, Machines, Processes, Users, Robots, Organization Units, Folders, Queues and Packages) with data defined in Excel workbooks. It provides flexible and easy bulk operations on entities, enabling efficient solutions for situations that include:
  • Registering a large quantity of users that obtain access to Orchestrator, including the specification of different roles and assignment to different Classic Folders (Organization Units).
  • Migration from development environment to test environment or production environment.
  • Setting temporary passwords for a group of users according to security policies.
  • Provisioning of a large number of recently robots purchased for a particular company department.
In addition, since Orchestrator Manager is offered as a UiPath Studio project, it can be customized and extended according to needs other than the ones above.



Help Orchestrator administrators decrease the time spent in regular data manipulation tasks and increase their overall efficiency.


UiPath Automation Cloud and on-premises Orchestrator versions:
- Orchestrator 2018.4 with Organization Units enabled
- Orchestrator 2019.4 with Organization Units enabled
- Orchestrator 2019.10
- Orchestrator 2020.4


UiPath.System.Activities 19.10.1+
UiPath.Web.Activities 1.4.4+
UiPath.Excel.Activities 2.5.1+
UiPath.Credentials.Activities 1.1.6479.13204+
Microsoft Excel


- Orchestrator Manager Manual.pdf


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