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Updated: October 27th, 2020

Published: September 30th, 2018

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Orchestrator for Node-RED



Orchestrator in overdrive. Webhooks, Custom UIs, IoT. Node-RED is the bridge that connects UiPath to the digital world over.

Ever wanted to start a process from your phone, smart watch, or Amazon Echo? How about tell a robot when something important happens in Salesforce or SAP?
With Node-RED, the entire Internet of Things is now at your disposal when building workflows. With an easy drag-and-drop interface that treats everything–from Slack to a smart washing machine–as a node within a network, you can connect together every piece of your digital ecosystem, including UiPath. We provide two nodes for you to use:
  1. Request: A wrapper of the full Orchestrator API allowing any request to be made. Create assets, add to queues, check robot status, etc.
  2. Start Job: Start a job in 1 step. Supports input arguments as of Orchestrator v2018.3.
So go ahead and tell Siri to run that report you forgot about before your boss gets in; have a smart barometer play Purple Rain every time the pressure drops; let your imagination fly!
  • Node-RED is a free 3rd-party platform that hosts this Orchestrator connector. Click the External Link button for instructions on how to install Node-RED.
  • For further details on the connector itself, please visit



Connect UiPath robots to the world outside your computer.
Anything with an internet connection from Slack to your Fitbit can now interact with the UiPath platform.


UiPath Orchestrator 2018.3
Node.js 8.x and above
Node-RED 0.19.x

Dependencies Node.js and Node-RED


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