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Paramatrix - Operating System Feature

Custom Activity

Custom Activity

Updated: September 11th, 2020

Published: April 29th, 2020

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Language compatibility: Visual Basic

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Paramatrix - Operating System Feature

Custom Activity


This activity is developed to extract the details of the operating system, processor and Bios (Basic Input & Output) details

It can be further used as an input to any process that requires features of an operating system.
Example: To check whether the operating system is 64 bit or not. It can be used as prerequisites for installing any application or we can pass the system directory information. In such case the input from the text file generated by the bot is add value.



1. Extract all information about operating, processor, Bios system feature in single a file
2. Easy to track information about Operating system feature
3. 100% accuracy


UiPath Studio 19.10.4




- ParamatrixTechnology.OperatingSystemFeatures-Readme.pdf


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