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Novigo Solutions-Twilio SendGrid Email Activities

Custom Activity

Custom Activity

Updated: September 22nd, 2020

Published: August 10th, 2020

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Industry: cross-industry

Language compatibility: Visual Basic

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Novigo Solutions-Twilio SendGrid Email Activities

Custom Activity


This activity pack enables you to send emails by integrating with Twilio SendGrid EMail API

About Twilio SendGrid:
The email ecosystem is complex. Many messages never reach the inbox. Twilio SendGrid is built to solve deliverability challenges so you don't worry about what happens after you trigger an email. We’ll help you maximize your inbox placement with streamlined tools, insightful recommendations, and expert services.

This is an UiPath Custom Activities package that enables you integrate with Twilio SendGrid v3 Web API and the current version has the following activities:
  • Twilio SendGrid Scope
  • Send Email
  • Send Template Based Email



Send appealing emails using the SendGrid Platform with ease. You can now send plain text/ HTML Email or create an Email Template in SendGrid and use it to send template-based emails. Also, these email activities have the look and feel of the UiPath Email Activities making them as developer friendly as possible.


UiPath Studio 2018.3+
.NET version 4.5.2 and higher
.NET Core 1.0 and higher


HtmlAgilityPack [1.11.24, )
SendGrid [9.20.0, )


- User_Guide_1.0.0.pdf


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