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Developer Tool

Updated: October 29th, 2020

Published: May 17th, 2020

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Developer Tool


myRPA helps in developing large UiPath Robots. This is a must have component if your RPA project has more than 25 functions.

myRPA report contains information such as:

1. Timestamps of the Bot Run
2. Steps that the Bot was able to perform in the run

myRPA needs to be incorporated into the RPA Bot by the RPA developer before the RPA Bot is moved into production for the RPA tracking to start. A RPA developer is anyone who is involved in design, development or deployment of the RPA Bot.

The developer must be technically capable in UiPath to perform simple activities:

1. Installing packages in UiPath projects
2. Calling activities in UiPath

myRPA is aimed at supporting businesses to have a realtime and accurate overview of their processes being executed by RPA Bots in production.



Bidhan Ojha


Get realtime & accurate overview of your processes being run by the RPA Bot .

myRPA is aimed at supporting Business Users in an organization. A Business User is anyone in the organization whose work is automated by RPA and hence dependent on its successful execution.


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