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Custom Activity

Updated: September 29th, 2020

Published: May 13th, 2020

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Language compatibility: Visual Basic

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Image to PDF Activities

Custom Activity


This component can be used to merge multiple images into a single PDF File

It can recognize the following image file types for merging purposes:
  • GIF File
  • PNG File
  • JPG/JPEG File
  • BMP File
  • TIF File
It requires two input parameters:
  1. ImagesFolderPath - Has to be a valid folder path where images are located
  2. PDFFolderPath - Has to be a valid folder path where the PDF File has to be saved
It outputs one parameter PDFFileName which has a timestamp added to the filename to avoid replacing existing files and to identify the created file.



Ability to merge all image files in a particular folder into a single PDF file.


Compatible with the previous and current Studio versions


iTextSharp (>= 5.0.5)


- MergeImagesintoPDF.pdf


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