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Microsoft Flow Connector


Microsoft Flow Connector



Integration of UiPath and Microsoft Flow



•Provides a easier way to access APIs for all users
•Elimination of Polling Mechanism to wait for the inputs to run automation jobs
•Push notifications on mobile for Orchestrator events
•Microsoft Flow is free with the Office 365 subscriptions and also included with Personal accounts (
•More than 70% organizations use Office 365. This FlowPath connector would help many organizations who look for Innovations and better solutions in RPA
•It is a generic, flexible and reusable connector. Anyone can use it in their own way depending on the business process.
•Coordinator bots for managing the queues are not required anymore
•Take advantage of the Microsoft AI Builder feature to train ML models in processing documents, data classification and Object detection
•Effective utilization of the resources that runs only when required
•Tight integration into Office 365 platform opens up the possibilities to design better solutions in cloud


Tested with community version with cloud platform API


Microsoft flow


- MS-FlowPath-UserGuide.pdf


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