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Published: September 24th, 2018

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Minit Process Mining Software



Minit is a software for automated analysis of business processes that identifies specific ways to improve business performance and eliminate inefficiency and risk from operations.



Why is one branch outperforming all others? Is there a way to accelerate your distribution network? What's causing problems in your cash flow? With Process Mining, you can monitor, analyze and optimize every process from sales to support. Drive efficiency and growth across the entire enterprise.
Works for every company and every process
From mid-sized companies to large enterprises in any industry, Minit can analyze and increase efficiency of any processes.
Business processes as they really happen
Instead of relying on inaccurate personnel interviews, Minit analyzes real data from systems involved in the daily running of your business.
Important details you would otherwise miss
Minit shows you broader patterns as well as individual cases and helps you discover connections, causes, and solutions.
100% accurate results, delivered incredibly fast
Minit is able to analyze millions of events on the fly. Analyze 100% of data with a precision impossible by traditional methods.


Compatible with all versions.


CPU: 2 cores
RAM: 4 or 8 GB
HDD: SSD hard drive
Operating System: Windows 10 - 64bit edition or Windows Server 2012 R2/2016
Other standard software: .NET 4.7.1 and Microsoft SQL Server 2014 (min. Express Edition) on Windows Server installation
Screen resolution:
Minimum - 1280x768
Recommended - 1920x1080