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Custom Activity

Custom Activity

Published: November 27th, 2019

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Microsoft Video Indexer

Custom Activity


Video Content Analysis Package from Microsoft's Azure Media Services Platform

The Activities provide Video and Audio Insights in detail:
  • Insights Widget URL - A Cognitive Insights widget includes all Visual Insights that are extracted from your video indexing process.This activity returns a URL in string format
  • Speech Transcript - The Speech Transcript activity takes a video clip as input and returns a dataTable. This feature allows to transcribe the speech to text input from supported video files
  • Video Insights - This activity returns complete insight object like sentiments, transcript, language, labels, IsAdultContent etc

Video insights
  • Face detection: Detects and groups faces appearing in video.
  • Celebrity identification: Video Indexer automatically identifies over 1 million celebrities— like world leaders, actors, actresses, athletes, researchers, business, and tech leaders across the globe
  • Visual text recognition (OCR): Extracts text that's visually displayed in the video.
Audio insights
  • Automatic language detection: Automatically identifies the dominant spoken language. Supported languages include English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Chinese (Simplified), Japanese, Russian, and Brazilian Portuguese. If the language can't be identified with confidence, Video Indexer assumes the spoken language is English
  • Multi-language speech identification and transcription (preview): Automatically identifies the spoken language in different segments from audio. It sends each segment of the media file to be transcribed and then combines the transcription back to one unified transcription
Audio and video insights (multi-channels)
  • Keywords extraction: Extracts keywords from speech and visual text
  • Named entities extraction: Extracts brands, locations and people from speech and visual text via NLP
  • Sentiment analysis: Identifies positive, negative and neutral sentiments from speech and visual text



The Microsoft Video Indexer package can do metadata analysis on videos. There are multiple use cases depending on the industry and application.


All previous and current versions of UiPath Studio


No dependency is required to be installed in UiPath Studio.


- MicrosoftVideoIndexer-User_Guide.pdf


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