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Microsoft Azure Form Recognizer V2

Custom Activity

Custom Activity

Updated: October 22nd, 2020

Published: March 17th, 2020

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Industry: cross-industry

Language compatibility: Visual Basic

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Microsoft Azure Form Recognizer V2

Custom Activity


A set of activities that enables the integration with Microsoft Azure Form Recognizer V2 service

This new package works with Microsoft's Azure Form Recognizer V2 service. The V2 version of the API brings substantial improvements from V1, introducing analyzing layouts with a predefined ML model and async modes for all analysis operations as main features.

Note: V2 is not compatible with V1!

Azure Form Recognizer is a document understanding service offered by Microsoft. Extract text, key/value pairs and tables from documents, forms and receipts, without manual labeling by document type. Uses pre-built and unsupervised learning components to understand the layout and relationships between fields and entries in documents, pulling information in an organised manner. Uses a predefined ML model for receipt analysis and allows training custom models for form analysis.

Form Recognizer provides:
  • Key-value pair extraction
  • Table extraction
  • Bounding boxes
The Form Recognizer activities allow you get a list of your models, or get, delete or train a specific model. It also allows you to analyze forms or receipts.

This package includes the following activities:
  • Form Recognizer Scope
  • Analyze Form
  • Analyze Layout
  • Analyze Receipt
Analyze Async
  • Analyze Form Async
  • Analyze Layout Async
  • Analyze Receipt Async
  • Get Analyze Form Result
  • Get Analyze Layout Result
  • Get Analyze Receipt Result
Manage Model
  • Get Models
  • Get Model
  • Delete Model
  • Train Model



Native ability to get and manage models, and to analyze forms and receipts via Microsoft Form Recognizer directly from a UiPath robot instead of using UI automation. 


UiPath Studio 18.4+
Azure Form Recognizer V2


Newtonsoft.JSON >=10.0.3 
Microsoft.ApplicationInsights >= 2.3.0


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