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Merge Content of Multiple Excel Files



Updated: November 12th, 2020

Published: June 8th, 2019

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Language compatibility: Visual Basic

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Merge Content of Multiple Excel Files



Ease out merging of data from multiple Excel files which reside in different folders within a specified parent folder

This is a simple workflow snippet that can be used to merge the data of multiple Excel files which reside in different folders within a specified parent folder. You can simply add this workflow to your solution and pass the parent folder path so that it will simply do the search and provide the merged data as an output.
How it works
Once you provide the parent folder path, the workflow will first find all the sub-directories within the specified parent folder. Each sub-directory folder will be then looped to search for .xlsx files within the folders. All the found Excel files will be then added to a List<string> which will be used later to extract data.
This list will be then looped to access each Excel file. Within the loop, the workflow uses an Excel application scope to find all the available workbook sheets within the Excel file. If there are multiple sheets, the data in all the sheets will be extracted onto a data table variable. However, if you wish to extract data only in a specific sheet, please remove the loop that is used to loop through the workbook sheets. Additionally, make sure to provide the sheet name in the Read Range activity since it will not be capturing the sheet name if the loop is removed.
The extracted data will be stored in a temporary data table variable and will be merged into another data table outside the loop. This second data table variable will actually hold all the data that are extracted from each file and finally it will be assigned to a output parameter to return the data.
Input argument - In_FolderPath - provide the parent folder path
Out argument - Out_MergedData - returns the merged data of all processed Excel files



This is a plug and play workflow snippet which can be used to easily extract and merge data of multiple Excel files that reside in different folders. The users do not need to write the entire workflow from scratch and this can be simply invoked from their already existing workflow solution through a Invoke workflow activity and get the results immediately.


Developed and tested using UiPath Studio 2019.5.0
Compatible with previous and current versions


These are the basic dependencies that's available by default
UiPath.Excel.Activities: [2.6.0]
UiPath.Mail.Activities: [1.5.0]
UiPath.System.Activities: [19.5.0]
UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities: [19.5.0]


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