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Luminoso - Support Ticket Classifier

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Luminoso - Support Ticket Classifier

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Luminoso's Support Ticket Classifier automates business processes by categorizing unstructured text, so you can cut costs by more accurately routing high volumes of customer inquiries.



Ease of setup, maintenance, and execution providing strong ROI and faster time-to-value.
Lower the cost of classifying and routing customer issues. Better automate how your client categorizes text-based customer inquiries. 
Improve accuracy and logic of routing. Make smarter routing decisions when classifying inquiries by looking at intent, degree of risk, and customer sentiment. 
Improve First Contact Resolution and speed to answer. Dramatically increase deflection rates and decrease wait times and callbacks, by providing the best next action.
Time to value. Luminoso’s automation builds a nuanced understanding of your customer’s language in minutes. Other NL technology requires months of expensive, manual work before machine learning can take place, or huge amounts of training data.
“Common sense” AI. Luminoso’s solution comes out of the box with 28 million relationships to provide it with a built-in common sense understanding of the world. Other, “naive” machine learning systems require massive data collection before achieving that knowledge.
Learns the customer’s vocabulary. With customer feedback arriving daily, Luminoso can rapidly digest new information so you can get more accurate classification and tagging. The more complex and fast-changing the vocabulary, the better Luminoso performs over competitive technology
Global language support. Because it’s based on underlying word meanings and concepts, Luminoso’s engine already works in 13 different languages. (One client, Supercell, is using 10 at once!) Other technologies must treat each language as a separate project, repeating the process of gathering data for each language to support.
Learns without human intervention. Luminoso’s self-learning technology won’t impact your sales and deployment timelines. It learns without supervision instead of requiring manual rule-based updates to maintain accuracy.
Multiple classifiers chained to build complete processes. Allows you to stack multiple classifiers with a simple setup. Solve multiple business problems in a single step. (intent, risk/toxic/fraud, etc).


All versions of UiPath
Multi-tenant active version of Luminoso Compass


SaaS licensed access to Luminoso Compass