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Luminoso Compass Activities

Custom Activity

Custom Activity

Published: May 21st, 2019

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Language compatibility: Visual Basic

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Luminoso Compass Activities

Custom Activity


A set of activities to interact with Luminoso's Compass solution

Luminoso Compass is a natural language processing solution. It can analyze unstructured text to find out various information (topic at hand, sentiment, etc.)
This activity pack allows RPA developers to easily integrate with Compass. It covers two main use cases: classify unstructured text and update classification models. To do so, it provides two activities:
  • Classify: Sends a text to Compass and retrieves the classification results
  • Update Classifier: Sends a batch of training data to a model on Compass and triggers a rebuild



Integrate a powerful and easy to set up NLP solution in your automations
No need for complex API calls, the activity does everything for you and returns standard .NET objects that can be used in other activities directly
Much easier and more robust than automating Compass' web portal
The activities can access Compass at design time to help developers setting up their automation


UiPath Studio 2018.4+


Newtonsoft.Json >= 11.0.2
System.Collections.Immutable >= 1.5.0
Nito.AsyncEx.Coordination >= 5.0.0


- CompassActivitiesDocumentation.pdf


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