Loop with Timeout

Workflow Template

Workflow Template

Updated: October 21st, 2020

Published: April 21st, 2020

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Language compatibility: Visual Basic

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Loop with Timeout

Workflow Template


Reusable template for time-boxing loops and prevent infinite loops from happening

This template allows developers to quickly add a time-boxed loop.

It uses a parallel activity to run the loop while also running a Delay activity with the defined timeout. If the delay ends before the loop, a TimeoutException is thrown with the defined timeoutExceptionMessage.



Prevent infinite loops from happening by time-boxing the loop.
Drag and drop the snippet from your Library pane directly inside your workflow where you would like to execute the time-boxed loop. 
Change the DO sequence: on the left side of the Parallel flow with the actual activities that you would like the loop to perform.
Change the value of the timeout variable (in the Variables pane) to the time span you would like to wait before deciding the loop timed out and a TimeoutException is thrown.


Developed using UiPath Studio 2019.10




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