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Long Running Workflow Template for Task Creation

Workflow Template

Workflow Template

Updated: October 21st, 2020

Published: February 22nd, 2020

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Industry: cross-industry

Language compatibility: Visual Basic

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Long Running Workflow Template for Task Creation

Workflow Template


Provides a template workflow that can be used to get transaction data from a queue and create tasks for the user to approve, and continue the task after resuming depending on user decision

We talk about end-to-end process automation a lot these days. End-to-end automation has human in the loop scenarios. Handling such scenarios will need multiple processes, and Orchestrator queues to process the data in an efficient manner.

When a bot comes across certain transaction data that require human validation, it can easily add the data that require human validation to a separate queue and continue processing the rest of the tasks. This queue can automatically trigger the workflow that creates a task for the user to verify and will be put on hold until the task is verified.

After verification, the process can be configured in a way that the data is being returned to its main process by adding it to the main queue or by other means with the required data to continue depending on user decision.

This workflow template will handle the task creation based on the data in a queue. It will also provide a space where the developer can configure how the workflow should be handled depending on the approval and rejection decision of the user.

Note: The workflow contains comments and annotations to make it easy for you to understand what it does.

Points to note when developing
  • The input argument "in_TransactionQueueName" should hold the name of the queue which it should get transactions from
  • The Form Data Collection property contains input arguments passed from the queue. The field identifier of TransactionItem.SpecificContent("FieldIdentifier") has to be changed according to the field identifiers you have on your queue
  • You can include your own logic to handle how the workflow should handle the user approval and rejections



- Provides an easy template for users to build human in the loop workflows with slight customization's based on their business logic
- Error handling incorporated
- Reduction of basic workflow logic creation and developers can focus on incorporating their business logic and data fields


Compatible with latest versions where Persistence activities are supported by Studio & Orchestrator


- UiPath.FormActivityLibrary: [1.0.2]
- UiPath.Persistence.Activities: [1.0.1]
- UiPath.System.Activities: [19.10.1]


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