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JSON / JArray Conversion Activities

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JSON / JArray Conversion Activities

Custom Activity


A pack of 3 activities which can handle any nested and complex Json / JArray and converts it into XML, CSV files and Data Table.

The package contains 3 custom activities for conversion of JSON/JArray to other data formats:
1. JSON/JArray to CSV file.
2. JSON/JArray to XML file.
3. JSON/JArray to Data Table.
These activities accept all types of complex and nested JSONs either in a text file (specified in the input property InputJsonFilePath) with valid JSON/ JArray in it or it accepts JSON/Jarray string directly (specified in the input property InputJsonString) and creates an output CSV file or XML file, at user's designated path (specified in the input property OutputCSV/XMLFilepath) , or generates a DataTable from the input Json.
  1. Json to CSV: To view the data in tabular format, output CSV file can be opened using Excel. The first row in Excel will be the headers, generated from all the tag names in JSON file. In case of multi-level nested JSON, it retains the complete path of each element, separated by slash '/'. (as explained in image Explanation 1.)
  2. Json To XML: This activity converts Json/Array in XML format without any data loss. In case of JArray, element tags are added for each array element and in case of non-array objects Json keys are converted to XML tags and Json values are converted to XML inner text. Output of this activity should be .xml file. (as explained in image Explanation 3)
  3. Json To DataTable: It converts input Json/JArray to Datatable and provides the flexibility of directly applying all Data Table functions like filtering the JSON Data. In case of JArray, each Data row is converted to Excel Row Item and in case of non JArray structure, all the tags generate headers and in case of multi-level nested JSON, it retains the complete path of each element, separated by slash '/' so as to prevent any data loss. (as explained in image Explanation 2)
Time taken for this conversion is proportional to the level of nested data structure of JSON (between milliseconds to few seconds).



This activity caters to the need of converting JSON/JArray data into tabular form by converting it to a CSV file. Or directly to DataTable as well.
It provides flexibility of directly filtering Json data according to business rules, by converting it to the CSV file or DataTable directly.
In case of complex and nested JSONs, it also retains the whole path of each element in the headers, so as to prevent any data loss.


It is compatible with all previous and current versions of UiPath Studio


Newtonsoft.Json [10.0.3]


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