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Jenkins Plugin for UiPath - General Availability



Updated: October 21st, 2020

Published: March 12th, 2019

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Industry: cross-industry


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Jenkins Plugin for UiPath - General Availability



UiPath CI/CD plugin for Jenkins

The UiPath Jenkins Plugin allows you to integrate RPA development and Software Testing with UiPath into Jenkins.
It provides build tasks to pack UiPath projects into nuget packages, deploy them to Orchestrator and run Test Sets on Orchestrator.



Development Cost Savings: less time spent by Developers, Process Controllers, and Testers manipulating the process packages.
Enhanced Security: increased package integrity as nobody tampers with the packages in their flow across Orchestrator instances.
Enhanced Collaboration and Governance across CoE members: approvals take a few seconds and the approvers take informed decisions when signing-off processes to go into upper environments.


Jenkins server running on Windows or Linux
At least one Jenkins slave running on Windows (required for step execution)
Orchestrator instance (basic, federated or cloud authentication are supported)
Testing features require Orchestrator version 20.4 or newer
When using an on-premise Orchestrator under HTTPS, make sure to import the SSL Certificate so that the HTTPS calls to Orchestrator can be trusted


Jenkins dependencies:
Credentials ≥ 2.1.16
JUnit ≥ 1.28
Plain Credentials ≥ 1.5
JAXB v.2.3.0
Trilead API v.1.0.4 


- Jenkins_documentation.pdf


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