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Intelligent Email Automation



Published: May 29th, 2020

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Industry: Utilities

Process: Sales

Intelligent Email Automation



This BOT sends personalized emails to all sales lead and responds as per email reply received from leads

This project is designed in a way that automatically sends out personalized emails with Mail-Merge functionality to all leads from an input Excel.

Post email is sent, the BOT monitors replies from clients on the same email chain and responds according to client's request using intelligence.

Also it follows up with those leads who did not reply within certain amount of time and replies accordingly.



Here are just some of the benefits of email automation workflows:
- It's automatic and doesn’t require intervention
- Nurture leads to make them more receptive 
- Benefit your sales team
- Increase brand awareness
- Better customization for prospects
- Carefully planned email strategy
- Reduce the potential for errors
- Reduce costs
- Boost business revenue 
- Keep existing customers interested
- Understand your customers more


MS Outlook both 365.


MS Outlook Desktop Application
MS Excel Desktop Application
Python 3.6
UiPath Studio and Robot