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Oracle - Integration Cloud Service



Updated: October 8th, 2020

Published: September 24th, 2018

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Oracle - Integration Cloud Service



Oracle Integration Cloud is finalizing its work of a UiPath specific adapter that allows Oracle Integration Cloud service subscribers to connect to a UiPath Orchestrator



Oracle Integration Cloud helps customers streamline business processes via integration and workflow capabilities connected together via orchestration capabilities. With automation as the ultimate goal, there will always be opportunities to convert non value added repeatable user tasks to be executed by Robots. Similarly, it is possible to use RPA capabiliites to help transact with application via its User Interface when there is no headless integration option (APIs or Adapters)
UiPath RPA customers can also leverage Oracle Integration Cloud capabilities to help orchestrate human centric workflows or business processes. One such scenario is exception handling when errors take place during the execution of RPA Processes. These exception processes can be streamlined to involve the right people and shorten the time to resolution.


Oracle Integration Cloud interfaces with UiPath Orchestrator via its public REST APIs.


Autonomous Oracle Integration Cloud does not have any dependencies with other services.