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Updated: November 18th, 2020

Published: October 26th, 2020

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IN-D Payables



IN-D Payables digitizes invoice and extracts necessary data independent of templates, understanding 15+ attributes and table information thus eliminating manual invoice processing in accounts payable.

IN-D AI engine uses machine learning and computer vision technologies to digitize and extract necessary data from invoices in batches without the need to setup a template.

The IN-D Payables can understand more than 15 general attributes and all the table information. The engine is capable enough to do document cleansing that removes the stamps and other scribbles on a typical invoice and thus improving the extraction accuracy.

The engine also gives a confidence score for each attribute with which a threshold can be set in the workflow to decide upon whether to accept the extracted data as such or needed to get validated manually before further processing. This component will act as a connector to use IN-D Payables in UiPath.

Zero touch Accounts Payable: Improve productivity by reducing thousands of staff working in Finance & Accounting operations worldwide. Use IN-D to read invoices and receipts for Accounts Payables automation & integration to ERP, thereby improving AP productivity by about 50%.
IN-D has been trained on a large sample set of invoices making it completely template independent and highly accurate



Processing unstructured content into structured data by learning the invoice structure smartly without the need to setup templates for every type of invoice.


UiPath 2018.4 or higher


License of IN-D Payables and UiPath


- IN-D Payables V2.1.pdf