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IGT - Refund Automation for LCC Airline



Updated: August 19th, 2020

Published: October 19th, 2018

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IGT - Refund Automation for LCC Airline



IGT’s Refund Automation using RPA is a rule based task automation solution for high volume of refund processing cycle in Finance Operations for LCC Airline.

The solution performs the steps for checking refund eligibility and approves it for payment release post amount validation. Leveraging the integration with Airline’s PSS APIs the solution also performs calculations as per the defined business rules.
A time consuming repeatable yet essential pre-requisite task of opening / closing flight is also automated.
For any fall outs in the RPA automated process that require human intervention, exceptional scenarios are recorded and notified to be managed manually.
The solution is scalable and can be trained for complex scenarios which can eventually do 90 or 95 % of the work with very few exceptions to be dealt by human.



50% reduction in completion time of a refund transaction
High accuracy in refunds
30% reduction in Operational Cost
Lower compliance and Business risk

The solution solves the issues of backlog caused by time lag, quality, accuracy and speed of processing refunds. Also as the solution is built to perform the mundane repeatable task, the human can take care of the complex ones increasing the enterprise efficiency, thus reducing overall expenditure.


Solution developed and tested with UI Path version – 2017.1.6522
Works with all versions of MS Office
Solution developed for Navitaire version 3.4.11
Does not work with Office 365 web interface


The solution is dependent on the following-
1. Airline PSS- Navitaire suite of applications-
Sky Speed/ New Skies

API availability and access to Navitaire system is also a dependency for this solution.
2. MS Office