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Humley - HR Travel Solution and RPA Flight booking


Humley - HR Travel Solution and RPA Flight booking



Dedicated travel booking service solution based on the API connection between Humley Cognitive Assistant and UiPath



Conversation using chat (voice and text) is used to trigger an employee’s flight request process. UiPath robots take the conversational exchange detailing the origin, destination, date of flights and bring the results from Expedia back into the chat experience in an instant.
This solution is HR and can be used to query holidays, personal tax, general HR queries and log issues / feedback and much more.


v2018.2, v2018.1, v2017.1


Humley is deployed as both SaaS so all components can be provided by Humley as a service on demand or it can also be deployed on-prem for which there are a variety of deployment options depending on individual customer needs. The optimum solution stack for performance depending on languages, customer interaction channels and underlying AI technologies including Humley’s own IP which fit corporate strategies and enterprise platforms of choice.