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Humley - AI Chatbot Interface for RPA


Humley - AI Chatbot Interface for RPA



Control UiPath's Orchestrator tool via a chat interface, using Humley's cognitive assistant solution.



By utilising Humley's technology, users are able to manage the UiPath platform from within a chatbot interface.
A user is able to log in using the same Orchestrator credentials and begin jobs, execute tasks and send data to robots. This creates a native API bridge connection which will work out of the box, via the Humley platform.


v2018.2, v2018.1, v2017.1


Humley is deployed as either an Enterprise Software Solution or as a SaaS solution, which means that all components can be provided by Humley for either a service on demand or a deployment on premises.
Provides a variety of deployment options depending on a client's needs
Integrates with the best of breed AI technologies (IBM, Microsoft, Google or Amazon) to fulfil a client's requirements
Utilises its AI IP technology called Octavo to enhance the cognitive capabilities of other AI stacks
Interfaces with UiPath's robots as well as numerous software platforms via an API
Deliver the solution in every known spoken language