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Humley - Insurance Solution


Humley - Insurance Solution



Dedicated insurance solution based on the API connection between Humley Cognitive Assistant and UiPath



Extending integration via direct APIs or UiPath RPA can provide automated access to multiple internal services and allows customers to self-service whenever and whatever they want, reducing the burden of classic telephone support and other channels like inbound emails..
Examples may include automating existing claims processes by allowing customers to query how their claim is progressing, what the next steps are and any resolution dates. Leveraging RPA can give customers an insight into how their claim might be progressing and any next steps or missing information for example.


v2018.2, v2018.1, v2017.1


Humley is deployed as both SaaS, so all components can be provided by Humley as a service on demand or deployed on-prem for which there are a variety of deployment options depending on individual customer needs and the optimum solution stack for performance depending on languages, customer interaction channels and underlying AI technologies ( including Humley’s own IP) which fits corporate strategies and enterprise platforms of choice.