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ActiveOps- Healthcare - Provider Data Update

Workflow Template

Workflow Template

Published: March 10th, 2019

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ActiveOps- Healthcare - Provider Data Update

Workflow Template


OpenConnect has developed a prototype of an end to end workflow utilizing UiPath Attended RPA

The Provider Data Update workflow is designed to assist a healthcare payers provider data group, to maintain and update Healthcare Provider information with robotic assistance.

When an update has been identified as required, the staff can work along side an attended robot to automatically search and update the provider information. This workflow will provide the ability to input a provider name and the robot will search the NPI registry to gather the updated information (address, phone, etc). Once this data is collected, the robot will update the Payers provider data systems of record. Providing a reduced need for data input, improving accuracy and speeding up the process.



By using robots to assist with provider updates, Healthcare Payers can improve accuracy and speed in getting the core provider system up to date.  Up to date provider data ensures claims are paid faster and correctly.  


Current versions of UiPath Studio


For demonstration purposes, to utilize this asset in its current form, access to the OC claims system will be required. You can request this access or contact ActiveOps to partner on providing the workflow template for other claims systems and customers.