DocuSign Activites

Custom Activity

Custom Activity

Updated: October 23rd, 2020

Published: April 21st, 2020

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Industry: Utilities

Language compatibility: Visual Basic

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DocuSign Activites

Custom Activity


A set of activities to interact in a very easy way with DocuSign’s API. Define, initiate, monitor and process Document-Signing Workflows

This activity package interacts with the DocuSign Platform. It includes Functions for requesting Signature on Documents via DocuSign.
The focus of this package lays on basic functionality of DocuSign: requesting remote Signatures and tracking Status.
You can setup Signing Workflows including a decent amount of roles during a signing process.
This package provides the tools to initiate, track and process a signing workflow with DocuSign's Platform.
  • SignScope
  • Create Document
  • Create Recipient
  • Download Documents
  • List Envelopes
  • Get Envelope Information
  • Send Envelope
Check out Readme for further details.



Timo Winter


Usage of DocuSign API through easy-to-use activites with wrapped Authorization Handling. Request easily a signature for a document within your process automation and keep track of progress.
No deep understanding of API Usage of DocuSign Platfrom neccessary. 


UiPath Studio >= 19.10.1


DocuSign.eSign.dll >= 4.2.0


- readme.pdf


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