DataTable Activities

Custom Activity

Custom Activity

Updated: October 27th, 2020

Published: April 10th, 2020

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Language compatibility: Visual Basic

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DataTable Activities

Custom Activity


This package contains automations of advanced and frequently used DataTable features.

This package contains the below activities:
  • Change Column Order - Changes the ordinal or position of the DataColumn to the specified ordinal or position.
  • DataTable Operations - It compares DataTables to get matched, unmatched, combine list of all rows in both tables.
  • DataTable to Dictionary - Converts DataTable to Dictionary.
  • DataTable to HTML - Writes a DataTable to HTML String.
  • DataTable to JSON- Writes a DataTable to JSON String.
  • JSON String to DataTable - Writes a JSON String to DataTable.
  • DataTable to XML- Writes a DataTable to XML String.
  • Display DataTable Columns - It will print all column names of DataTable.
  • Merge DataTable Horizontal - It will merge two DataTables Horizontally.
  • Rename Column - It renames the column name with new name.
  • Replace string in DataTable - It will help you to replace a particular string with a new string in the entire DataTable.
  • Select certain Columns - It helps to select certain columns from DataTable.
  • Skip/Take Rows - Skip/Take rows from a specified DataTable.
  • Transpose DataTable - It converts DataTable Columns to Rows and Rows to Columns.
  • DataTable Aggregate Functions - It helps to apply aggregate functions like Average, Count, Min, Max and Sum on a specified column in a given DataTable.



1. We can easily change the column position.
2. We can easily convert the given DataTable to Dictionary, JSON, XML and HTML String and also we can convert JSON string to DataTable.
3. We can easily replace a particular string in an entire DataTable.
4. We can easily convert Columns to Rows and vice versa.
5. We can easily replace column names and print all column names in given DataTable.
6. We can merge two DataTables Horizontally.


Compatible with previous and current versions of UiPath Studio.


Newtonsoft.Json [12.0.3]


- DataTable Activities.docx


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