Instagram Graph API

Custom Activity

Custom Activity

Updated: September 22nd, 2020

Published: April 20th, 2020

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Instagram Graph API

Custom Activity


The InstagramGraphAPI.Activities facilitate the interaction with Instagram’s official API through UiPath activities, in an easy to understand and flexible way.

First time using the Instagram Graph API activities? Best way to get you going:
1. Follow the steps in Resources - InstagramGraphAPI.Activities - Get Started.pdf
2. Watch the video playlist below, which will guide you on how to use each activity in this package.
3. Happy automation!

Video guide

Package contents
InstagramGraphAPI.Activities package contains the following UiPath activities:

1. Instagram Scope – The parent activity for making Instagram Graph API calls. Each activity included in this package should be placed inside the Instagram Scope in order to work. Requires the Access Token and the Account ID as inputs, in order to be able to make the API calls.

2. Generate Access Token – As the default access token lasts for maximum 24 hours, this activity is meant to generate a long-lived access token, which is valid for up to 60 days. Requires as inputs the App ID and the App Secret, which can be found on It is recommended to use this activity as a way to refresh your access token, especially if the Instagram Graph API activities are used in a robot which runs unattended and recurrently.

3. User Info – Activity used to retrieve data about a Business/Creator Instagram account. Can be used both for the Instagram account which has its Account ID linked to the Instagram Scope, or for other Business/Creator Instagram accounts, based on the input in the Username field. The user is free to choose multiple User Fields from the dropdown. The response will be stored in an InstagramUser variable, with easy to access properties.

4. Recently Searched Hashtags

5. User Media

6. Business Media

7. Hashtag Media

8. User Insights

9. User Audience

10. Media Insights

11. Get Comments

12. Reply to Comment

13. Delete Comments
Read more: Resources - InstagramGraphAPI.Activities - About.pdf



Instagram Graph API wrapped up in simple to use UiPath Studio activities, enabling you to control and automate an Instagram Account.

• Retrieve data about Instagram Business/Creators users
• Retrieve data about published photos and videos
• Get insights at user and media level
• Get statistics about the audience of an Instagram user
• Moderate/reply/delete comments
• Discover hashtagged media


UiPath 2018.4+




- InstagramGraphAPI.Activities - Get Started.pdf
- InstagramGraphAPI.Activities - About.pdf


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